Our Mantra

stass and co the body brush

Our mantra and mission through Stass & Co is to create a platform to share our love of self-care and daily rituals. Practicing rituals allows us an opportunity to be present, creating space for more dedicated silence and reflection. This usually comes in the form of meditation, yoga, journaling, or a walk on the beach. 

 Through this practice we blend the outer and inner journey, we believe staying grounded and connecting back to yourself is a daily affair. We believe self-care rituals help empower us all for pause and reconnection.

Help us find access to a pure calm inside all of us. We will know it when we feel it, like a loving hand over our hearts
— Pixie Lighthorse 



We are very committed in doing our part to heal the planet. Part of this is by drastically reducing the amount of single use plastic from our daily lives. We aim to design products and use packaging that are plastic free, that are effective and can be reused. It's time really take control of reducing the amount of waste from our daily lives. The time is now!