The Stass and Co body brush has revolutionised my sacred morning ritual. I am a believer that the way you spend your morning dictates the tone for the entire day! Some mornings I don’t feel like meditating or doing yoga but the body brush is a beautiful self-care and self-love routine that is always easy and makes me feel wonderful. I shower after & lather skin with coconut oil.

I love it for the effect it has on my skin. Love it for the effect it has on my digestion. And I love it for the effect it has on my day!

Kate Nelson (Plastic Free Mermaid) | I Quit Plastics

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Using The Body Brush I have found my the keratosis pilaris on my upper arms visibly looks much more even-toned, and I'm enjoying the more pleasing appearance of my stretch-marks!

My skin looks better when I use the brush, which in turns allows me to feel more confident stepping out and showing off my skin.

I use the time to quieten my mind and focus on the strokes as a mini-meditation sess, it's great!

What I love most about my beauty routines, be it makeup or skincare, is the element of self-care; the time you’re taking to focus on yourself. I recently added dry body brushing to my routine and I’m loving it. I use the Stass & Co body brush to help with circulation, skin clarity and exfoliation. My skin feels amazing and it’s an invigorating start to the day. 

Emily Crawford | Why Hello Beauty

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I have really loved this brush. It was quite strong when I first started using it, but i realised two things- first of all it softened perfectly to suit my body and secondly that all other body brushes I was using weren't doing the job properly. After using it i really feel like there has been movement and new energy moving all around my body. My skin becomes flushed and energised.

It really wakes me up in the morning and makes me feel GREAT! I miss it when I don't get to use it. I feel disappointed when i forget...

I love every minute of it. I feel as though it has taken my self care brushing up a notch to Professional Status Level.

I sometimes just use it when I am lying around the house or reading and watching something On TV. 

Sian Pascale | The Light Collective

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Since using the body brush I notice my skin is much softer and has a natural glow to it. I never realized how neglected my skin had been - I'd always exfoliated my face, but my legs, arms, and well, the rest of my body had so many layers of dead skin just waiting to be brushed away!

Using The Body Brush has warmed by body up significantly. I'm a vata dosha (I had no idea what that meant until just recently), which means I'm always internally cold. My feet are cold, my hands are cold...I'm always cold! But using The Body Brush has actually warmed me up from the inside! It's amazing!

I LOVE using The Body Brush before a nice bath at night. It's a way for me to shed the day's work and heal. Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed I'll go brush my feet or my stomach, just to do something nice for myself and bring myself back to the present moment. It's a brilliant tool; so much more than a brush.

Sarah Moe | Business Owner

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The thought of “brushing” my skin seemed very strange to me, but ever since I first tried it out with the Stass & Co body brush I’ve been hooked! I see it as a little treat to my skin in the morning and have noticed it becoming much softer and smoother. I also feel really energized after! I think it’s important to give your skin the attention it deserves. It is your largest organ after all!

Kendall Baggerly | Writer

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What a big difference one little brush can make!! After dry brushing my skin feels amazing and I can feel my energy lift. By taking five minutes for myself each day it also boosts my mood. 

Oh, and the brush itself is super cute I never want to put it away in the cupboard!

Kate Jakstas

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Thank you, Stass & Co. for offering this elegant tool, and all the information for my new self-care ritual. Using The Body Brush helps me to feel more connected to my body, and invigorated for the day. I've also noticed that my skin is smoother! I'm telling everyone about it!

Eve Anderson | Mumma and Editor 

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The Body Brush has boosted my overall energy, I am and reconnecting to my body much more with this ritual. Since my skin feels tighter (in a good way, not drier) it also makes me feel more beautiful overall. It has changed the colour of my skin and gave it a sensation of having had an exfoliant, so smooth and shiny!

Charlotte Skogsberg | Yoga Teacher Bali

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I absolutely LOVE the body brush.  Just taking that extra time out for myself is a real treat and something that i pretty much have seen instant results in.  My skin feels smooth and soft and has a nice glow.  It is so nice to treat yourself and i feel by doing this every day i’m doing that!!  LOVE IT.

Cassie Hall | Mumma and Business Owner

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I have been getting  by with a cheaper brush from Big W as your wonderful article certainly encouraged me to get out there and get started on this daily ritual. The first time I used the Stass & Co brush, which is so lovely to hold and more gentle than the alternative, as soon as the shower water hit, it was as though I had a film of sorts covering my skin. It was so ... silky!! Better in fact than that feeling following a body scrub!!" 

Understanding that our skin is our largest organ, your product and the technique is a clear investment.  Its as though it allowed my skin to breath and it has encouraged me to drink more water and really invest in my skin over all. Thanks so much! 

Penelope Philippidadis | Business owner 

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I started using the Body Brush about 6 weeks ago. It instantly became a daily ritual. My skin feels smoother and more 'glowing'. My blood circulation has never been very good, but since using the Body Brush it definitely improved. I use my Body Brush every morning before having a shower. It wakes me up and gives me an energy boost. I love my morning ritual and find it so important to set the tone for the day! I totally recommend the Body Brush! Great product!

Alex Arenz | Yogi & Life coach 

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The Body Brush made my skin look and feel so smooth and my visible red bumps I usually have on my legs started to fade in the short time I was able to practice this brushing method. I feel like my body and skin feels so much more vibrant and less dull with the boost of life it’s given since using The Body Brush.

I can feel a difference in the elasticity of my skin but overall there seems to be less rough with an energy boost in my body due to the blood circulation. I feel like my skin is much more strong and thicker than it was before (it was very weak and thin). There is less signs of red bumps as well as an even texture and tone to my skin.

It is so easy to take five minutes out of my day to put more self-care into my daily body ritual. Having just those few moments to give my body as much love as I do for my everyday face routine has made all the difference to my overall wellbeing. I love that my skin feels so much tighter in the short amount of time and because it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, the skin on my body is much more smooth and clean. 

I don’t feel sluggish and each day or night I use The Body Brush I always feel so fresh the following day. It’s definitely becoming a staple in my regime and what I love most is learning how to use The Body Brush to its full potential with the amazing instructions and guidelines provided by the team at Stass & Co - it makes all the difference.

Jennifer Hua | Beauty Blogger

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