4 Key Tips to Practicing Self-Care while Travelling



" Being kind to yourself and losing the rigidity of your daily routine is the self-love that has been calling you. "


Last week I was on a road trip for five days and my routine seemed to go out the window. For a brief moment I felt uptight about it, but after a day I loosened the grip and let myself be in complete presence with my beautiful company and environment. 

This got me thinking about my daily practices, which are my life tools.  When I’m at my home base my morning rituals, self-care practices, and yoga are an essential part of my daily life. While travelling, I make an effort to carve out this time for myself, I try to make whatever time I have for myself possible.  

However, I have learnt a part of what makes travelling so special is that it can push you out of your regular routine. Allowing you to not only appreciate your daily rituals when you get home, but to come back with greater clarity and appreciation for them.  

So, being kind to yourself and releasing the rigidity of your daily routine is the self-love that has been calling you.

It is so very important to listen to your body, if you feel you need to take rest and do absolutely nothing.  Do that! 

Go on a walk to nowhere in particular, feel the warmth from the sunshine on your skin stimulate the senses in a positive way. Spend three hours in a coffee shop. Have a glass of wine in the afternoon or go back to your base, meditate and take a bath. Whatever feels good for you. 


Here I share four tips for self-care while travelling:



I like to pack my self-care comforts when I travel, knowing they are there for me if I need them. A few of my essentials are my journal, yoga mat, dry body brush, favourite book, essential oils, superfood powders to add to my morning smoothies, coconut oil, tongue scraper. I know, I know. If I go for two days it looks like I’m going for a month. But, it’s worth it! 

Of course dry body brushing is an essential self-care practice while travelling. Dry body brushing is a tool you can take anywhere with you. Taking five minutes to dry body brush in a meditative way using your breath can help you feel more grounded and connected. Re-establishing this connection with yourself daily can be extremely powerful.

For more about the benefits on dry body brushing click here



Allow yourself to indulge a little. 

Eating local food all over the world is my most favourite way to travel. Eating with presence and in the company of beautiful friends is one of life’s simple pleasures. 

While traveling, you are often eating at weird times, possibly on some form of transportation and generally out of your routine.  The importance of water intake is crucial. Water is an excellent detoxifier as it helps flush out toxins from your body. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. This its key while traveling. 



Carving out time to move your body will shake out any residue that may be lingering. Whatever gets the body moving will clear your mind and set a beautiful tone for the day. 



Stay in to rest, pause and realign. Make space for meditation, journaling. Read a book and detox from the screen time. 

Take a little social media detox and think only about yourself for the day. 

Putting your legs up the wall after a big day out or before bed is an excellent practice for soothing the sympathetic nervous system, relaxing the mind, calming the digestive system, leaving you feel nourished and restored. ⠀⠀⠀


Self-care, nourishment and kindness towards yourself while travelling will bring you into a calmed state. This in turn slows everything down around you, you become more present and aligned so you can then start to connect with yourself again, your loved ones, and this beautiful life we are living.


Let's have more fun! 


Light to you all,

Bec x⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀