7 Tips For THE Perfect Nights Sleep



"Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains" - Shakespeare


Let’s shine the light on one of life’s simple pleasures: A good night’s sleep!

Getting back into a sleep routine is important not only for your energy levels and skin glow but your overall health, nourishment and self-love. 


1.  Lighten up on Evening Meals - our bodies are not designed to eat a big meal and collapse on the couch or the bed afterwards. Every night the body goes through a cleansing in order to maintain good health, so a large meal or snack too close to bedtime can leave your digestive system working overtime. When you combine healthier eating with a regular sleeping routine you will see noticeable and pleasing visible differences in the appearance of your complexion. Lighten up the load before bed! 


2.  Steep a Cup of Herbal Tea - having a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile or a lemon balm blend can help you further the relax mode. Chamomile tea can be helpful for insomnia. It can also help with digestion after a meal, while lemon balm tea helps to reduce stress, indigestion and anxiety, and enhance sleep. Be sure to steep well to get all of the medicinal benefits.


3.  Set the Tone - setting a beautiful relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom will help relieve stress essentially giving you permission to completely switch off and unwind. Soft lighting and putting a diffuser on with a relaxing blend of essential oils to calm your mind is heaven! Some nice diffuser blends for sleep are ylang ylang, bergamot, lavender and marjoram. 


4.  Bath Rituals - A ritual bath is another way to receive, to love, to create, to feel deeply. You can infuse your bath water with sacred essences like essential oils, bath salts, bubbles. Use candles and soft music to create the most calming space for you to cleanse and renew. A warm bath an hour before bedtime is very effective for relaxing the body. It can help to relieve any tension or stress that you may have accumulated throughout the day. 


5.  Unplug - checking emails or taking that one last scroll through social media is a habit worth breaking. Lit screens, including televisions, are stimulating so it's best to avoid them. Turning your devices off, or even taking them out of your bedroom completely is key to a good night sleep.


6.  Sleep Time -  going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day is essential. Two weeks into a consistent bedtime, you'll find the body adjusts and starts waking up around the same time every day on its own. Try to stick as closely as possible to your routine on weekends to avoid a Monday morning sleep hangover. This works wonders for deep restful nights sleep.


7.   Mindful Breathing - deep breathing exercises help calm the central nervous system and act as a meditation to quiet the mind. Simply watch your slow easy breath mindfully while you sink deeply into your bed until you fall asleep. Allowing any tensions in your body and mind to just drop away. You can add any visualisation to help a positive mindset to wake up to.



Sleep well beauties ✨



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