7 Self Care Tips to Move Through Heavy Times

self care tips

Living my life wholeheartedly is very much supported through daily rituals, even when I'm moving through a heavy time (which was last week)! I still managed to honour my daily self care although I took a different approach as my energy levels were low and I was lacking motivation.

Surrendering to it allowed me to slow down and as I came out the other side I felt lighter, I have more clarity and I'm feeling more energetic.

It's important to recognise when these periods of heaviness arise and not to push up against it but rather soften into it so you can quieten down and reconnect with what really matters.

We all have our own unique way of how we practice self care and it looks different for all of us.

Here are seven of my self care tips to move through a heavy time:

1. Wake up and stretch
Waking your body up through movement and breath can work as a natural stimulant to set you up for the day.

My daily yoga practice is my life-line but last week the thought of getting on my mat at 5.30am was a struggle. Knowing how energised I feel after I practice really encouraged me to show up for myself and move through. One breath, one pose at a time honouring my body and my mind leaving me feeling nurtured and grounded.

2. Spend time alone
Spending time on your own is an absolute necessity to help you move through a heavy time. Being by yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. It's an opportunity to revitalise your mind and body at the same time. I really treasure time on my own. I recently took myself away, it was the most nourishing gift I could have given myself. I would totally recommend it!

3. Take time out
I almost never indulge in sitting down to a good series, getting into my comfy clothes and watching episode after episode. Taking time out to do something that is out of your normal routine and actually allowing yourself to do so is the ultimate self care!

A good friend recently gave me advice to make time to be bored. Take the night off to do nothing! Guilt free.

4. Daily walks
Taking a brisk walk by the sea or in the park clears your mind, nourishes your soul, improves your mood and gets the creative juices flowing. It can leave you feeling more grounded and in touch with nature.

I usually like to catch up on a podcast, listen to some tunes or talk on the phone while I walk but last week I needed to switch off from everything. Once I unplugged, I felt a sense of connection and presence. Once it's quiet ideas come flowing in.

5. Indulge a little
Eat some dark chocolate, have a coffee in the afternoon, whatever it is you feel like eating.. eat it! Don't deny yourself of the little pleasures that make you feel comforted.

I love my plant based foodie lifestyle . But sometimes especially in my current situation in Italy where it's cold and the pasta is as fresh as it gets.. I love to indulge and enjoy every mouthful doing so.

6. Take the pressure off
I'm a true list person, but the constant pressure to "get it all done" and forcing yourself to to do the work is unproductive. When you're feeling heavy and overwhelmed, take out your list and do one task at a time.

Once you get into the groove and make progress task by task you'll find it gets the creative juices flowing again.

7. Meditation and affirmations
Meditation has been my saviour for many years. I am super dedicated to my daily practice. After 20 minutes twice a day I feel clearer, sharper, more alive and my creative juices are ignited again. Lately after I meditate I have been reading my daily affirmations which I wrote down at the beginning of 2017. This excites me and sets a beautiful tone. I genuinely feel more present and happy.

Remember nothing is permanent, so next time you're feeling a lack of energy and motivation cut yourself some slack. Cultivate a nurturing self care practice and know there is always a little sparkle waiting for you on the other side.

You've got this beauties ✨