5 Reasons Why We Should Be Spending More Time Alone

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I am quite partial to hanging out on my own these days, in fact I crave it.

Alone time is fast becoming a necessity in a world that is constantly connected. This is where we can find true solitude and presence - the pause we all seem to be craving right now.

Solitude is an essential part of healing, we need time to recuperate and recharge. So by spending time with yourself, you are gaining a better understanding of who you are. This in turn helps you connect with the people around you.


“Sometimes solitude is one of the most beautiful things on earth” 

- Bukowski


 I have found carving out time for solitude in my daily life has helped me to become more present when I am hanging out with my friends and loved ones, because holding space and really connecting with the people in your life is the most important love we can share with each other.

Alone time, why we all need it…

Morning Silence

Waking up early before everyone, in the silence of the morning without a soul in site is essential for truly connecting with yourself.

This is a big shout out to all of the parents out there, who we all know have the biggest job. Gift yourself the opportunity and time to meditate, read or just sit in silence with a up of tea or whatever makes you happy, even if it is for 10 minutes.

You will rise every morning knowing through through practice you gain clarity, calmer energy and a bright outlook on the day


Digital detox

A digital detox can enhance your health and create more happiness in your life. Turning off your phone temporarily can boost creativity and have a positive impact on your day

By taking time out from social media and emails, you will be more rested, more aware, more present, more productive and less overwhelmed allowing you to feel calmer rather than running on nervous anxious energy.

Try turning off your devices at least an hour before bed to allow yourself to unwind. You will notice a huge difference in your morning clarity and emotions.



Creating sacred space is very important to me, I find true solitude by simply putting some music on, practicing breath work, cleansing my area with a smudge stick, getting my crystals out, meditating, drinking tea or reading a book.


Get Bored

Growing up I remember hearing that only boring people get bored. Living in a world where we are constantly “ON” I believe it is essential we switch off and spend more time being alone and getting, well… bored!

We need this daily pause to keep creating for the ideas and inspirations to enter.

Allowing our minds to wander can help you become more creative and insightful. This is when the magic happens.


Go for a big walk in nature

Going for a walk in nature is the most simple and effective ways to gain true solitude. Just you and the sounds of nature, no music, no podcasts, no talking on the phone. Heading to the beach, the park or the mountains on your own is where its at!

Alone time can really support your true rhythm for a clearer mind and connection to what is truly most important to you.