5 podcasts to inspire, inform and create

The body Brush


“So our stories, advice and interviews are about being boss the way we choose, and being who we are in work and life!”

 Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon.I have been listening to Being Boss for a while now which has guided me through starting my own business. The girls have a beautiful balance of woo woo factor and actionable business advice.

The content is light, funny and very real. When you’re feeling doubtful on about your business or work life, as soon as you put on an episode all of a sudden you are back on track! They also have some brilliant guests on to inspire.

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“Alignment before action”

Jess lively is a new one for me, as soon as I listened to her episode about the pros & cons of living the law of attraction, #252 I was hooked!

She speaks with truth and her very raw, straight to the point, unapologetic language sets an honest tone and helps people worldwide live from their intuition and values-based intentions full-time.

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3. Re-wild yourself

“We’ve become strangers to nature. The best way to live longer, healthier lives is to re-wild ourselves by returning to nature whenever we can”

Daniel Vitalis is all about redesigning your life with your wild nature in mind. He is interested in the meeting place of ancestral health and lifestyle design. 

Daniel has the most vast and interesting guests on his podcast, from sex therapists to experts on ReWilding land, people and wildlife.

One of the things I love about his work is that is only shares twice a month, on the full and new moon –– just one of the many ways he helps you stay synched up with the rhythms of the natural world.

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4. You Made it Weird

“Keep it crispy”

 Pete Holmes, the standup comedian with an infectious laugh, sits down with other comedians and discusses topics from love to religion.

Listening to Pete Holmes feels less like an interview and more like a conversation about complex topics such as the creative process of comedy, religion, and sexuality. And you’ll be in fits of laughter too.

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5. Tara Brach

“Radical Acceptance is the willingness to experience ourselves and our lives as it is”

 This is my go to Saturday morning walk on the beach podcast. Tara has a gift for story telling, which are blissfully peaceful and sometimes triggering (in a good way) all the while lightening up the mood with her joyful stories.

Tara Brach’s teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world.

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