5 Nourishing Tips to Eating your Way to Health and Happiness

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Ever wondered how food affects your mood and quality of life?
This topic is very close to my heart and has been a curious and nourishing journey for me over the past few years (and still is).
I have tried and discovered new and wonderful ways to better my health and wellness over the years by cutting out certain foods, going all raw, cleansing, just to name a few!
Recently I have come to discover that simply tuning into the foods I consume daily that ultimately makes me feel more energised, nourished and happy has been my way forward!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food
— Hippocrates

Here I share with you five simple and nourishing tips for a healthier, happier you:

1. Enjoy and celebrate your food choices - I believe food is enjoyment; what may work for you at one stage of your life may change over time.
It is super important to be mindful of the information out there about different diets and fads and really stay tuned into the food that is right for you. 
You will become extremely intuitive with what foods work for you. Try not to be strict on yourself; the guilt of eating "something bad" is far more stressful on your body than having a little treat.
Enjoy sharing meals with your loved ones and honour what your body needs in each given moment.

2. Cleanse - I'm a big fan of regular juice cleanses; my first experience of this was when I completed a full ten day juice cleanse with Natural Instinct Healing .
Doing this cleanse was an inspiration of how I wanted to live my life; I felt completely supported by this wonderful program and realised how much tension I was holding in my body through built up toxins from over the years.
What goes on in your "gut" affects your mind thereby affecting everything else in your life. Regular cleansing will help release toxins, emotional stress and built up tension; it will make you feel lighter and truly ready to take on the world!
This is the perfect way to reset your body.

3. Eat fermented foods daily - If there's one food I will recommend daily for better health, wellness and glowing skin it's fermented food. So much of your immunity and detoxification abilities start in your gut.
If you're not digesting well and you have an imbalance of that good bacteria your body is not going to be able to detox which in turn will lead to a build up of unwanted toxins which in turn affects your health, skin and overall mood.
The health of your digestive system is also real mirror to your skin; just a small dose of live, active, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha or organic pickled veggies will act as your daily probiotic that will give you enough of what you need to glow from the inside out.

4. Eat mindfully - After a cleanse I am very mindful of what goes back into my body. I ease my way into the delicious world of beautiful, seasonal, colourful plant based meals.
Eating with intention and mindfully is a ritual that has been forgotten over time. By freeing up space in your day to sit down for a meal, chewing consciously, avoiding using your phone or computer and giving yourself time to digest can avoid bad digestion, moodiness and poor food choices. It will in fact leave you feeling lighter and more energised.

5. Eat at least one plant based meal per day - After cutting out meat, dairy and refined sugar from my life I began exploring a whole world of plant based recipes. I became so excited about this new found exploration of food that I decided to do my raw food chef training in Bali. What an inspiring, high vibe food experience it was.
Eating simply, seasonally and mindfully is where it's at!
Once you start adding plant based meals into your daily life your body will start craving the pure natural goodness and many benefits of nature's delights.
Raw food is a big part of my daily life, but I am mindful of checking in with how my body is feeling on any given day. Raw food certainly has a place in my diet but mixing it up is also very important; when my body is calling out for warm nourishing meals or a little dark chocolate now and then I make sure I honour that and enjoy every mouthful. Connect with what makes you feel happy and satisfied at the time.

Stay in tune with how food affects your own body and mind; I believe everyone is on their own path when it comes to health and wellness.

Being playful, mindful and starting to make little adjustments with your food choices is a journey worth nurturing and one I have certainly grown to love! 

Shine on beauties and glow from the inside out ✨