Clarity & alignment through unplugging daily- Four MINDFUL PRACTICES!


"We have the opportunity to become more mindful and present in our life. This is the practice of self-care." 


Social media is an undeniable force in today's world. When it is used productively, I believe it can be an extremely powerful tool and have a positive impact in your own business, creativity and sharing the power of peoples voices, especially right now. 

I choose to follow conscious people who inspire and create daily. Like anything though, it is about balance.

I am drawn to writing this article as it has become very apparent to me of late as I set up for my daily tasks that I am becoming easily distracted with social media.

As I journaled it out this week, I found it interesting to see how this pattern was playing out. It seems when I am about to embark on a new project, I pick up my phone and scroll mindlessly through social media to avoid “doing the work”

Does this sound familiar?

It is interesting how scrolling mindlessly can become such an easy way to block my creative flow. 

So, instead of feeling bad that I have “gone down the rabbit hole” as my dearest mate Jess calls it, and to have not been as productive as I would have liked on that day; 

I have simply started following four practices to create space, clarity and flow in my daily life by using my devices to fuel rather than deplete me. 


1. Morning rituals before plugging in 

I have always been one for no devices before my morning rituals. I make a conscious effort to stay away from my phone until after my morning rituals. This allows me to stay present and helps avoid over-stimulation from external influences.  I keep my morning space sacred and stay away from social media and emails first thing in the morning, we have the rest of the day to plug in. 

2. 24 hour social media detox

I was inspired by @leeinamerica for this great practice. Clearly I was scrolling through Instagram for this knowledge. Most of us these days use social media for work, myself included. But, simply taking the app off your phone for 24 hours can be an incredible way for you to switch off and align while you are getting your creative flow on while working on a project.

3. Evening walks in nature without your phone 

Podcasts. Music. Talking on the phone, listening to messages, getting back to people. Even though I love it all, I find that there is so much input which results in my mind feeling so busy and I am not in the moment at all! This is when anxiety can really set in.

I have some of my most exciting ideas when I am walking without my phone. A moment to breath and connect to your own truth and presence, just you and nature to allow space for creativity,connection and flow. 

4. Unplug to unwind before bed

Having healthy sleep rhythms will fuel you for the morning. I find I am less scatty in the morning if I have unplugged before bed. This is your time to restore and nourish your body, mind and soul. 

Electronics can mess up our sleep cycles. Turning your phone off and onto airplane mode especially at least an hour before bed. Reading a book, taking a ritual bath,listening to a guided meditation or simply putting a few drops of lavender close to your pillow will set you up for a nourishing sleep. 


We have the opportunity to become more mindful and present in our life. this is the practice of self-care.

Love to you all,
Bec x




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